Joel Nafuma Refugee Center is the only drop-in Center, and community for homeless and hostel-housed refugees and asylum seekers in Rome. We open every day and offer a warm breakfast, a hot cup of tea, and access to supplies for human dignity and survival. We are a very "no-frills" type of organization, almost entirely run by volunteers, and without any Government funding or institutional assistance, so we rely heavily on the goodwill of our friends to keep providing the services we give.

We are so grateful when we receive donations from you guys. On Thursday, three boxes arrived to our offices, one with gloves inside, one with iso-thermal socks, and one with 20 sleeping bags. We are starting to come out of the coldest phase of winter, but the nights are still pretty chilly here. Two weeks ago, we had serious snowfall for the first time in eight years in Rome. With so many vulnerable refugees having to sleep out on the pavements and in parks, these donations can make a huge difference to their quality of life. They can mean the difference between living and dying, between having no faith left, or having hope for a brighter future.