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Support the Youth Social Advocacy Team in Uganda

$6140.00 out of $15000.00 donated

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact in Uganda in terms of provision of WASH, Protection, Livelihoods, Food & Cash assistance to the 1.3 Million vulnerable refugees, in addition to social and economic impacts. With the president’s directive, some of the activities have been suspended while remaining lifesaving ones are being implemented, albeit with restrictions. These impacts are further exacerbated by pre-existing inequalities within the refugee settlements which disproportionately impact on women and girls, elderly, disabled people and minority groups. With Refugee Settlements having only health Centre II and III, Personal Protective Equipment are far from being accessible by both refugees and partner staff supporting them.


 Project description, and Proposed Activities:

Using our Creative Capacity Building (CCB) methodology together with other refugee led organizations, YSAT proposes to curb this situation by implementing The One Million Masks Project for Refuges in Uganda, which aims to locally produce masks and support 40,000 refugees (Persons with Special Needs); 1 Refugee, 1 Mask with information distributed by Village Health Teams using bicycles. The action will strengthen COVID-19 sensitive community engagement (CE), social mobilization (SM) and risk communication (RC) components into this project, build local level capacity (amongst refugee led organizations that will co-partner with us on this project) on COVID-19 sensitive programming, making sure that poor, vulnerable and marginalized people get the adequate, inclusive and safe support to (a) prevent and reduce the infection risk of the COVID-19 disease outbreak; and (b) local refugee & host women will use their skills to earn a living by producing masks. (c). promote Community cohesion ad peaceful coexistence while reducing victimization, trauma and (d). make available PPEs for local communities and local Health Centre staff.


Specific activities will include

  • Production of locally available and acceptable masks through creative capacity building (CCB) methodology at our refugee innovation centers using CCB tailoring Cohort women participants.
  • Running robust Social Media Campaign on #OneMillionMasks4Refugees
  • Printing of messages on the Masks to fight trauma, and stigmatization.
  • Door to Door Distribution of Masks to local communities, Health facilities and partner staff
  • Target beneficiaries:

Direct Beneficiaries (40,000 PSNs in Rhino Camp)

  • Refugees and host communities,
  • Health Center workers,
  • Partner staff members
  • Secondary Stakeholders to be involved/Collaborate with;
  • District Taskforce teams
  • Communication with Communities taskforce
  • Settlement Management:



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Amount requested: $15,000.00